340 EU Citizens in Angus stuck in Home Office backlog.

The Liberal Democrats are calling for all EU citizens in the UK to be given the automatic right to stay, as new figures reveal that 340 living in Angus are still waiting for the Home Office to process their applications – with just five weeks to go before the Government’s deadline.

The latest EU Settlement Scheme statistics show that, as of the end of March, there have been 4,980 applications from people living in Angus, but only 4,640 of these have been concluded.

The party is warning that those who aren’t given ‘Settled Status’ by the 30th June could become the victims of “a new Windrush-style scandal”.

The figures also reveal that 1,910 people in Angus have only been granted temporary ‘Pre-Settled Status’. That means a total of 2,250 Angus applicants have still not been given the permanent right to stay.

Responding to the figures, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Monifieth & Sidlaw Ben Lawrie said:

“340 of our European friends and neighbours in Angus still don’t know what will happen to them at the end of June. They are being forced to cross their fingers and hope the Home Office get to their application in time.

“EU citizens who’ve made their lives in Angus contribute enormously to our economy, our public services and our society. They shouldn’t be forced to live with this uncertainty and anxiety any longer.”

Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Alistair Carmichael added:

“Boris Johnson promised all EU citizens the automatic right to stay, but this enormous backlog and the growing number of refusals show that the Settled Status scheme is anything but automatic.

“It’s not too late, but the Government must act now to prevent a new Windrush-style scandal in just a few weeks.”

Give EU Citizens in the UK automatic right to stay – it’s their home too

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