Cllr Lawrie welcomes 999 Day

999 Day will take place at 9am on 9th September

A motion was passed at today’s special meeting of Angus Council to support Emergency Services Day.

Emergency Services Day, otherwise known as 999 day, will take place on the 9th of September.

The aim of the day is to:

  • Promote volunteering across the emergency services including special constabulary, NHS community responders, retained firefighters, RNLI and coastguard volunteers.
  • Promote using the emergency services responsibly.
  • Educate the public on essential skills including how to be safe in the water, fire safety, crime prevention, and basic yet essential life saving skills.
  • The 999 day will be an excellent event for emergency services charities to fundraise, raise their profile, and generate support.

Speaking at the meeting, Liberal Democrat Councillor Ben Lawrie said:

“Our Police, Ambulance, Fire and Coastguard Services put themselves in the face of danger as part of the day job to ensure that there is always someone there to protect us when we’re at our most vulnerable.

These are our real life super heroes.

Emergency Services Day aims to educate the public in life saving skills, promote responsible behaviour to reduce the strain on services, and raise awareness of volunteering opportunities to aid and bolster the crucial work that our emergency services do.

It’s a fantastic idea and something that this Council should be full square behind.”

The motion to support 999 day was backed unanimously by Councillors and the Emergency Services Flag will be flown on Council buildings on that date.

More information on 999 day here.

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