Monifieth Recycling Centre Closure Put on Hold

This afternoon, the newly-formed Angus Administration passed a motion which “defers implementation of the closures and changes to hours for the recycling centres” in Angus.

A member/officer group will be established to review the proposed changes to opening hours with the aim of bringing forward a report on the conclusions of this review in September.

The motion was proposed by leader of the council Bob Myles and seconded by Councillor for Monifieth & Sidlaw, Ben Lawrie.

Speaking at the meeting of the council this afternoon, Cllr Lawrie said:

“It’s incumbent upon all of us to foster a culture of recycling.

As well as our responsibility as individuals to do our bit, there is also a responsibility at all levels of government, whether it’s national, international, or in our case, local.

To promote this culture of recycling, we need to make recycling as easy as possible for as many people as possible rather than creating extra barriers.

With that in mind I’m pleased that this motion has been put forward. Whilst protecting our environment becomes ever more important, it may not be prudent to reduce the opening hours of recycling centres across Angus.”

I’m particularly pleased that the motion puts on hold the impending closure of the Monifieth Recycling Centre.

Monifieth residents do not want to lose the centre and as an environmentalist I share that sentiment.

Whilst the motion can’t guarantee the long-term future of the recycling centre, I’m convinced that this is the best first step. I hope that fellow members will join me in supporting this motion so that Angus can play its full role in protecting our environment.”

10 thoughts on “Monifieth Recycling Centre Closure Put on Hold

  1. Telford Moore says:

    Well done Councillors Myles & Lawrie. It is good to see some common sense re this topic at last. It was a ridiculous earlier Angus Councill decision to axe Monifieth recycling centre (to save mone) but spending that saved money on improving the recycling centres at Montrose (the favoured place, it seems), Forfar & Arbroath recycling centres. When cuts have to be made, they should result in cuts for all and not diabolical cuts for one place (Monifieth) and favoured treatment for others.

  2. Paul Wain says:

    Superb. Great sentiment about recycling in general and monifieth in particular. Thanks guys.

  3. Jim Jamieson says:

    Well done Ben Lawrie.
    Monifieth recycling centre is used a lot and we do need more recycling not less.
    You will have my support in future.

  4. George Smith says:

    Good to see a common sense approach to this situation. Not only will this help the environment, it will go a long way towards ensuring the beauty of our countryside is maintained as I have no doubt that fly tipping would greatly increase.
    Monifieth has over time, transformed into a retirement village, particularly surrounding the centre and the accessibility to recycling for the many locals both in the village and surrounding hamlets is an important feature for the area.
    The centre also serves as a base for those that service our streets on foot and will without a doubt ensure the high level of service the ‘unsung heroes’ provide will continue to keep Monifieth the attractive area we have all grown up in or indeed adopted as our own.

  5. Brenda Wighton says:

    Great to know the closure is put on hold meantime, well done councillors.

  6. Great News for the people of Monifieth & near by Broughty Ferry Residents. Recycling is the way forward, hopefully the Monifieth Recycling Centre can stay open for the long term future

  7. I. King says:

    Sense at last. With all the council tax revenue from the new houses being built at Ashludie + that should more than cover the cost of keeping the recycling centre open. Much better than having an eyesore of an area with fly tipping

  8. Alastair Rogers says:

    Good decision, and hopefully more than an interim one.

    As a waste management professional, I echo lots of the sentiments detailed above, especially the need for making recycling as easy and accessible as possible. Driving a 10-mile round trip to an alternative site would not promote recycling and, unless made in an electric car, would add to emissions to air. With landfill tax at over £86 per tonne (with potential to rise further), it would cost the council more money if wastes were not segregated by households and just deposited in the the general waste (purple) bins. Keeping the civic amenity site in Monifieth is certainly the right decision, particularly with the new and prospective houses. Great staff and a social facility as well an an environmental facility. Long may it continue!

  9. Marjorie Soutar says:

    Thank you Ben for your efforts. I thought Monifieth residents pay the most in, its not right our right to accessible recycling is cut. Monifieth is beautiful and a great place to live. We need to keep it that way. Good interim news at least.

    • benlawrie says:

      Hi Marjorie,
      Thanks for your nice comment. I agree with what you say and really hope that we can keep the centre open. Saying that, the current financial situation that the council is in is dire so I can’t make any guarantees.
      You may be interested in the public meeting being held tonight at the Monifieth Community Cabin at 7:30pm. Leader of the Council Bob Myles will be there and wants to hear views and suggestions from local people in Monifieth regarding the future of recycling facilities. It will be a good opportunity to have your views heard if you can make it!

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