“Higher taxes and more cuts to services”: Ben Lawrie on the Angus Council Budget

Households across Angus will soon be seeing hikes in the council tax they pay.

Monifieth and Sidlaw candidate Ben Lawrie has spoken out on the recent budget passed by Angus Council.
Commenting on the budget, Ben said:
“Normally an administration would opt for low taxes and low services or high taxes with strong public services. In Monifieth we’re getting high taxes and no services, lucky us!”

“Monifieth and Sidlaw ward contributes more in council tax than any other borough and what do we get in return? Not only are we the only ward without any council-provided sports facilities, the few services we have left, such as the recycling centre, are either being cut to the bone or scrapped altogether.”

“I’ve lived in Monifieth my whole life, I went to school here and all my friends and family live here. If elected, I’ll always put Monifieth and Sidlaw first, making sure we get our fair share of services for the huge amount of tax that we contribute.”

“The SNP are always attacking the Tories in Westminster for imposing austerity whilst doing the same thing themselves back home. Monifieth deserves better.”

Ben Lawrie is the Scottish Liberal Democrats candidate for Monifieth and Sidlaw in the local elections on the 4th of May.

2 thoughts on ““Higher taxes and more cuts to services”: Ben Lawrie on the Angus Council Budget

  1. Fiona McMillan says:

    Good on-ya! My sentiments exactly for the last 20 years. We always say Monifieth is the forgotten town as far as Angus Council is concerned. We get little help and often ideas are knocked back without much consideration by the council.

    • benlawrie says:

      With any luck that’s something we’ll be able to change!
      We used to have a great youth centre in Monifieth – closed!
      We have a well-used recycling centre down by the Blue Seaway – closing!
      It’s about time we let the council know we wont be forgotten any longer!

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